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Bedford Police Website

Welcome to the Bedford Police website. The City of Bedford, Texas is located directly between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. The Department is currently authorized 81 police officers, 56 civilian personnel, and a strong volunteer base to serve a community of almost 50,000 citizens and around 200,000 daily commuters. We hope you enjoy your site tour. Feel free to contact us if we can be of service.

Important Updates

The Important Updates page contains a wide variety of information, to include: press releases, special traffic enforcement initiatives, new programs and/or services to the community, the Department's pursuit of grant opportunities, current scams/criminal activity. Click the button below to get the latest updates.

Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Division is responsible for addressing nuisance and property standard violations to provide a safe and healthy environment for the community. Click on the button below to find out more information about Code Compliance and how to register a complaint.

Animal Control

The Animal Control Division is responsible for promoting responsible pet ownership, the adoption and/or alternate placement of adoptable animals, and the humane care, treatment and disposition of all animals. Click the button below to find out more information about Animal Control and current information regarding adoptable dogs and cats.


Upcoming Events

2015 Annual Police Awards Banquet

This time honored tradition will highlight the accomplishments of 2015 and provide an avenue to present special recognition for: annual awards, life saving, merit, etc. Click here to learn more about becoming a sponsor and to view our Generous Sponors for this year!


Driving this Holiday Season?

Did you know….

It is against the law in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico to drive a vehicle while legally drunk, with a blood alcohol concentration BAC of .08 or higher.  All states also prohibit anyone under the age of 21 to drink and to drive with any BAC in their system.

To ensure your safety on the roads this holiday season see the following TxDOT campaign resources:

NHTSA's SafeRide App on Android and Apple devices



TxDOT preventable daily deaths education campaign

Safe Ride Program for members and dependents that opt to use a cab instead of driving impaired


Exchange Zone Program

The Bedford Police Department, in partnership with Wildfire Camera Networks (a national city-wide wireless camera networking company), has implemented a program called the "Exchange Zone." The program is designed to provide a safer alternative for the exchange of goods purchased over the internet (for instance, responding to a Craigslist add) and/or child custodial exchanges. Click here to read more.

Redflex Locator App


Redflex Traffic Systems has launched a new app that allows motorist to find and locate over 800 intersections and roadways with fixed camera systems in 18 states utilizing technology. The free app is currently available in iOS only and can be accessed by clicking here.

Online Crime Info

RaidsOnline overview & guide

The Bedford Police Department has partnered with Bair Analytics, Inc. to provide the public with a new way to stay informed about crime. Click on the graphic above to go directly to crimes occurring in Bedford and also sign up for daily, weekly or monthly e-mails.

An overview of RAIDS is provided by clicking the link above. Disclaimer: Reports posted through RaidsOnline.com may not include all offense reports that are generated due to current limitations beyond the control of RaidsOnline.com and the Bedford Police Department.


Distracted Driving

The City of Bedford adopted an ordinance governing distracted driving. Click here to learn more about this ordinance and frequently asked question.

Bedford 1 Community

Bedford 1 Community is a crime free multi-housing initiative. Click here to learn more about this specialized program.


Repeat Victimization Unit. Click here to learn more about this specialized program and download the RVU brochure.


Volunteers in Policing Services. Click here to learn more about the Department's volunteer opportunities.

Citizens Police Academy

Click here to learn more about the upcoming Citizens Police Academy class and the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.