Registered Sex Offender

Billy Ray McLean

Zip Code:  76022

Address: 1932 Knoxville Drive
Registration Date:  8/7/08
Race:  W         Sex:  M
Date of Birth:  12/08/49   Place of Birth: TX
Height: 5'10    Weight:  175
Hair:  Brown     Eyes:  Brown
Shoe Size: 11
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Scar on nose  
Alias Name(s) Used:
Charge:  Aggravated Sexual Assault
Victim:  8 Yr Old Female
Date Convicted/Adjudicated:  6/6/90
Punishment:  10 Years Confinement
Last Known Vehicle: 07 Harley Davidson, Blk
License Plate:  TX 3KG664