Division Overview

Eleven different divisions operate within the Police Department. Each Division falls under one of four management operations.


The Administration Division performs the administrative and logistical functions that are crucial to the effective operations of the Department. The Division ensures that the Department has the appropriate resources, personnel, technology, and equipment to support the overall day-to-day operations. The Division ensures fiscal responsibility and promotes citizen interaction/involvement.

Uniformed Services

Uniformed Services includes the following Divisions: Patrol, Traffic and Code Compliance.

The Patrol Division is the largest staffed Division within the Police Department. The Division's primary purpose as the Department's first responders is the protection of life, property, and the promotion of the safety and welfare of the general public. This Division is the most visible and recognizable unit of the Police Department. The Patrol Division provides 24-hour coverage 365 days of the year.

The Traffic Division's primary purpose is to investigate motor vehicle accidents and to identify problematic locations in residential and major thoroughfares and to respond utilizing personnel and equipment (i.e. speed monitoring trailers) to gain compliance of all applicable traffic laws.

In June 2013, the Police Department assumed the management of the Code Compliance Division. This Division's primary purpose is to address nuisance and property standard violations in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for the community. These violations include, but are not limited to: high weeds and grass, trash and debris, dilapidated fences, illegal dumping, illegal signage, and junk/abandoned vehicles.


Operations includes the following Divisions: Criminal Investigations, Professional Standards/Community Services, SWAT, Detention Services, and Animal Control.

The Criminal Investigations Division's primary purpose is the prompt and accurate collection of evidence and information in order to solve criminal offenses, while protecting the constitutional rights of all parties.

Professional Standards/Community Services
The Professional Standards/Community Services Division encompasses a variety of distinct functions, to include: Internal Affairs, Training, Recruiting, Red Light Camera Program, School Resource Officers, School Crossing Guards and Community Services.

The SWAT Division has specially trained personnel to respond to incidents, including, but not limited to: barricaded persons, hostage situations, high-risk warrant services, and acts of terrorism. The Bedford SWAT Division is part of a multi-agency Team called NETCAST (see Services tab for more information).

Detention Services
The Detention Services Division is responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all prisoners and/or detainees held at the Bedford Detention Facility. The Bedford Detention Facility also houses Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees.

Animal Control
The Animal Control Division's primary focus is promoting responsible pet ownership and the adoption and/or alternate placement of adoptable animals.

Technical Services

Technical Services includes the following Divisions: Dispatch, Records and Property.

The Dispatch Division assists the public with emergency and non-emergency requests for assistance and the prompt and accurate dispatching of police, fire, and emergency medical personnel.

Records & Property
The Records and Property Division encompasses a variety of distinct functions to include: Records, Property & Evidence, Crime Analysis, Alarm Permitting, and the Public Service Officers.

Faces of the Police Department

Detention Services

Detention Services Division


Patrol Division

Patrol/CID Secretary

Patrol/CID Secretary