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Instructions to Applicant:

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To apply for a position listed below, please click the "Apply Here" button below, which will direct you to the City of Bedford's Job Opportunities page.  Once on the page, click on the position title you are interested in and then click on the “apply” link.  Before you submit an application for a position, you will need to review your application carefully.  Once you submit your application for a position, you will not be able to make any changes to the application.  You may, however, make changes to your core profile for future submissions.  If you need to make any changes to your already submitted application or provide the City of Bedford with additional job-related information, please contact the Human Resources Department at (817) 952-2167.


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Contact Information

Sgt. Noel Scott
Training & Recruiting Coordinator 


Cpl. Chris West

Recruiting Corporal



​Courtney Bombardier
Administrative Secretary



Police Officer Pay Scale


The Bedford Police Department is on a "Step Plan" compensation plan.  Each "Step" is typically a one year period.  Below is a condensed table of those steps:

*Experienced personnel may be hired in at any step with City Manager and HR approval.


Police Officer Requirements:


Automatic Disqualifiers ***Verified by Polygraph***


Drug Usage


A. The following listed criteria shall result in disqualification of an applicant for a conviction or admission or revelation through investigation:

1. Unlawful manufacture or delivery of any controlled substance.

2. A positive response from a drug screen to any controlled substance not prescribed by a medical doctor.

3. Any usage of hallucinogens, Heroin, Cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamine's, or all other controlled substances not specifically noted.

4. Any use of Marijuana within the last four years.

5. The delivery of Marijuana in any amount greater than a single use amount.

B. The below listed criteria may result in disqualification of an applicant upon admission or revelation through investigation:

1. Any abuse of prescription medication.



Basic Requirements


1. U.S. Citizen


2. Minimum age: 21 (at the time of certification)


3. High school graduate or G.E.D. certificate AND a minimum of 30 hours college credit from an accredited college (college requirement waived if certified peace officer or with two years military experience with an honorable discharge).


4. Texas Drivers License (or ability to obtain)


5. Good physical condition


6. Vision correctable to 20/20


7. Good moral character


8. No felony convictions


9. No misdemeanor convictions involving moral character or perjury


10. Never been convicted of an offense ABOVE the grade of a Class B misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years


11. Currently not under indictment for any criminal offense


12. Never been convicted of any family violence offense


13. Not prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition


14. Never been discharged from any military service under less than honorable conditions, including, specifically:


A. under other than honorable conditions;
B. bad conduct;
C. dishonorable;
D. any other characterization of service indicating bad character





The applicant shall be disqualified, if:


1. The applicant has three (3) or more moving violations or two (2) at-fault accidents within the preceding 24-month period.

2. The applicant has five (5) or more moving violations or three (3) at-fault accidents within the preceding 48-month period.

3. The applicant does not have a valid Texas driver's license at the time of employment.




Tattoo Policy

New employees, as a part of their background investigation, shall have all visible tattoos documented, and approved, prior to their employment start date. A record of these visible tattoos shall be maintained in their personnel file. 

Tattoos or brandings may NOT be covered with bandages, make up, or sleeve covers to comply with this policy. 

In accordance with City Policy, visible body modifications and implants are prohibited.


The Hiring Process


Outlined below are the steps involved in the application and hiring process of a Police Officer by the Bedford Police Department. Candidates will continue to advance if successful completion of each requirement.

1.  The application and personal history statement will be reviewed for completeness and content. If there are no disqualifying factors, a Physical Fitness Test will be scheduled:

The fitness standards are as follows:


All Police applicants are required to pass the Department’s physical readiness test on the Concept2 Rower, in order to continue in the application process.

The minimum standard for all applicants and new recruits is passing the physical readiness test at the 25 percentile, according to their age, weight and gender.  The application process is very competitive and only the top qualified applicants will be accepted into the process with our Department.  The applicant’s physical fitness score plays an important role in their overall ranking. 

The Department’s physical readiness test consists of rowing 2000 meters on a Concept2 Rower. The link below will direct you to the Fitness Requirement page for the Department of Public Safety.   Use the calculator on that page to find your minimum standard at the 25 percentile and also calculate and train for a higher percentage to be competitive.




2. Written Exam is scheduled.


3. Pre-employment interview is scheduled.


4. Thorough background investigation is conducted by the Bedford Police Department.


5. Oral Review Board is scheduled.


6. Conditional Job Offer is made to candidate contingent on the successful completion of a polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, and a drug screen/stress test/physical.

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